REALMZ FAQ by Ivans Chou
Updated 11/13/97
Latest Version/Patch Level: 4.3.2

The author of Realmz is Tim P. Phillips
The game is brought to you by those nice people at Fantasoft

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Letter from the Editor...

Here's my latest update of the FAQ.


Happy New Year! And with this new year came a new version of Realmz. It's basically the same game, but there's major changes in names of things and in the way "armor" works. Just check out the "What's New" Section.
Now, I've put a lot of work into this document. So if you're not going to read the !$%#^&*! manual, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this before you e-mail Tim with your questions.

This document is organized such that general "What is it?" and system questions come first. Technical or "How do I?" questions are next, and finally tips and strategies at the end. I've tacked on some info for hackers, but if you want the updaters to work on your Realmz scenario driver, I'd be careful with hacking if I were you.

Keywords, chapter and section titles are now hypertext links for easy browsing, and index of keywords appears at the end of this document. Updated and changed questions will be marked with a '~' to let you know I added it recently. Information taken from other sources have been included and given a byline when available. Any changes I've made to other people's contributions are enclosed in square brackets: '[ ]', and any additional comments I've made are enclosed in parentheses '( )'. I've endeavored to mark any changes/additions of my own with an "by the editor": '--ed.'

More stuff to be added as I discover it.

More questions? Ask, and I'll try to answer.


Ivans (the editor) Chou


0 Legal Stuff and Disclaimers

0.0You need to read this only if you are the kind of person that will sue. Please do read this, because I cannot afford to be sued.
0.1I am not the author of Realmz. I am not the author of any of its scenarios. I am not responsible for the inappropriate use of any information provided in this document. If you decide to hack your version of Realmz and discover that you've trashed your game, you computer, your marriage, or your life, please do not blame me. I do not claim that the information in this document to be true or accurate. Any opinions I express in this document are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise quoted, then, of course they are someone else's. I am not to be held responsible for any injuries-- physical, mental, emotional, or financial--, loss of job or spouse, damage to your computer such that it is no longer useful for anything but to make toast, or anything else that may result from reading this document or playing Realmz after reading this document.
0.2Thank you for your time. Now on to the info...

1 General

1.1 Description of Realmz and where to find it

1.1.1Q) What is Realmz?

A) "The coolest share-ware game ever!" (just kidding...=)

A) Realmz is a fantasy role playing game, where you can generate characters of various castes (fighters, sorcerers, rogues...) and wander around in this world trying to complete quests and kill monsters, while accumulating wealth, experience, and various other items (weaponry, armor, magic items...)

It is a top down "Ultima" style RPG. Your party of up to six characters take turns attacking when in combat, and you can control what weapon or spell each character attacks with. Unlike Ultima, this game has "zoom in's" from the landscape to battle map.

Realmz itself is the "scenario driver". Included with Realmz, is the "City of Bywater" [CoB] scenario. Additional scenarios can be installed to Realmz. The following scenarios are currently available.
	City of Bywater [CoB]			version 4.2.2
	Prelude to Pestilence [PtP]		version 4.2.1
	Assault on Giant Mountain [AoGM]	version 4.2.1
	Castle in the Clouds [CitC]		version 4.2.1
	Destroy the Necronomicon [DtN]		version 4.2.1
	Search for the White Dragon [SftWD]	version 4.2.1
	Griloch's Revenge [GR]			version 1.1

1.1.2 Q) Where do I get Realmz?

A) If you have membership at America Online or CompuServe you can be the first in your neighboorhood get it. If not, wait patiently a few days while some nice person uploads it to your local mac archive. You can anonymously FTP it from there or any good mirror thereof, or it is available from many WWW sites.

1.1.3Q) What is the latest version of the Realmz scenario driver? What new features are included in this patch/release? What bugs are fixed with this new patch/release?

A) The most recent version of the scenario driver is "4.3.2"

Version History:
4.3.2 Bug Fixes
Fixes bug in version 4.3.1

4.3.1 Bug Fixes
Fixes item name bug in version 4.3

4.3 Features
Ten new races
New character portraits
Characters change the way thay face after moving
Non-fighter classes gain attacks with increased levels
Maximum number of attacks per round increased to six
Archers do bonus damage with missile weapons
Automatic reveal enemy when targetting spells
4.3 Changes
Race limitations on items removed
Expanded bonuses for brawn and agility
Removed "Smooth battle" preference
Added "Spell Casting on Allies in Camp" preference
4.3 Bug Fixes
Realmz is now MacOS 8 compatible

4.2.2 Feature Small icon next to character names to indicate ill conditions

4.2.1 Bug Fixes
Spell capable Special Characters will no longer stop casting spells after a few battles
New characters with very low strength will no longer have huge attack bonuses
No more crash when character dies while picking a lock
Lots of other minor bug fixes
4.2.1 Features
Enemies now only attack characters that are in the line of sight
New preference: Faster Spell Resolution
4.2.1 Changes
New graphics for buildings
Keyboard shortcut for refresh screen

4.2 Bug Fixes
"Detect" button works correctly on treasure screen
Retreating characters don't go "through" large creatures
Characters above level 127 treated correctly
4.2 Changes
lots of tiny things no one will ever notice

4.1.2 Features
AUTO/ANIMATED characters also "swap positions"
4.1.2 Bug Fixes
Various small graphical glitches
Detect Magic button works on the treasure screen again
No more negative victory points for extremely large battles
No more item deletion when starting new adventures
Skill level/Armor Rating above 127 displayed correctly now

4.1.1 Bug Fixes
Maintenence release for lots of 4.1 bugs

4.1 Features
Swap positions with adjacent character/ally
Spells that affect the party affect allies/NPCs
Smarter creatures/allies when attacking monsters that require sharp/blunt weapon to hit
Smarter AUTO characters with aforementioned monsters
4.1 Changes
Never attack friends preference removed
Spells with duration and area affect enemies only up to 3 times per round instead of with each step
Physical attacks considered as both "sharp" and "blunt"
4.1 Bugs
Many assorted bugs.

4.0.1 Features
Users can customize name castes and spells.
Aborted spells only return 2/3's number of spell points
4.0.1 Bug Fixes
Some bad stat errors when generating new characters
Scenario bugs that were intro'd by the renamed spells in v4.0

4.0 Features
Can convert old character saved files to V4.0 character stats
At level gains, characters can choose all new spells
4.0 Changes
Names of castes, spells, abilities, experience, ... changed
Armor Class system changed to 0-100 Armor Rating system.
Spell acquisition system changed.
4.0 Bugs
New spell names have reeked havoc on scenario encounters

3.3 Features
Cursor becomes stop sign during treasure collection for items a character is unable to use
Made turning undead harder.
Added a preference for "detailed view" in treasure collection
3.3 Bug Fixes
Old "Retreat-and-win" bug fixed. (Sorry no more cheating...)

3.2.2 Bug Fixes
bug introduced by previous update in character generation fixed

3.2.1 Features
Ability to use "Alternate Realmz Interfaces"

3.2 Features
More information on treasure collection screen
New grey slate/granite look instread of plain grey

3.1 Features
Journal revamped. You can save text using the 'J' key.
Predefine up to 10 spells for each spell casting PC
PCs bare hands get +1 Magic To Hit for each 8 levels
3.1 Bug Fixes
Fixed music code that caused systems to freeze
Performs check at startup to see if the fade will work
3.1 Changes
Lots of spells, monsters, and races changed
3.1 Bugs
The spell shortcuts don't quite work.

3.02 Bug Fixes
Tweeked a few things and fixed a few bugs. You can now get OFF boats using either keys or the mouse.
"Realmz Portraits" and "Realmz Sounds" files will now work.
3.02 Feature
Bypass startup fade with the OPTION key when launching Realmz

3.01 Bug
Realmz Portraits no longer work properly -- you can see them when generating characters, but not in rest of game.

3.0 Features
Boosted sorcerers spell punch
Added a top down view of many indoor areas. Now only true dungeons will have 3-D view.
Boats and ships
put PC-s in "auto pilot" mode
New music options
3.0 Changes
Removed effects of age

2.5 Features
Monsters do a lot of really neat things now. Sometimes they'll need bladed or crushing weapons to hit them, or when you kill the one monster, it will explode into lots of other monsters...

2.4.1 Features
Fumble and Unique items can be turned ON/OFF via Preferences
2.4.1 Bug Fixes
Fixed potion Bug

2.4 Features
Now you might "fumble" an attack
Concept of "Unique" items reinstalled
NPC's no longer run off when near the edge of map
Concept of age used to affect character's attribute
2.4 Bug Fixes
Fixes some more "missile weapons" bugs
2.4 Bugs
Potions affect everyone around you except for yourself

2.3.3 Bug Fixes:
Fixes the "some missile weapons don't work" bug

2.3.2 Bug Fixes:
Fixes the "un-equipable" magical arrows bug

2.3.1 Bug Fixes:
Retains registration transfer information.

2.3 Features:
Smooth Battle (no screen jumping to every monster that moves
Version info for scenarios in preferences menu
Your party will be arranged in a "tight knot" in battle if at all possible instead of spread all over the field.
Added an "Item Database" so that items will not be specific to single scenarios.
If an equipt item is scenario specific, then it will have a red background instead of a grey one.
NPC will be healed when you click on the HEAL button.
Lots of minor bug fixes, including one with System 7.5.2 compatiblity
2.3 Bugs:
When you try to transfer your old registration, the program forgets it when you start up again
Smooth Battle preference will cause "## Points Damage" to be displayed all over your screen if monsters take damage off screen.

2.2.1 Bug Fixes:
Fixes the hang on viewing map bug (I think --ed.)

2.2 Features:
Concept of "Unique items" removed
Little red X's are left behind when you explore "hidden" mountain caves so that you are less likely to get lost.
4 NPC (non-player characters) that will follow you around where where ever you go until they get killed off. They can be "people" in future Realmz scenarios that you meet, or they can be monsters you summon. (For example, future AoGM versions may have the people you are sent to find follow you around and fight at your side from the moment you find them.)
2.2 Bug Fixes:
Permanent retreat/fear of characters fixed.
Various small bugs.
2.2 Known Bugs
Puts those little red X's even in places in the mountains that you can't go sometimes when you run into the mountain.
After several hours of play, when you look at a map, the game will crash. (Memorize the important features the first time you see the map.)

2.1.1 Bug Fixes:
Banking at shops bug

2.1 Features:
Runs in 16 color/greys mode too
Mouse control for dungeons restored
Player selectable monster sets (only for v2.1 scenarios)
Background music

2.0 Features:
3-D Dungeons

1.1.4Q) Where is/are the Realmz Home pages/FAQ's Tip sheets?

A) The official Realmz Home Page is located at:

A) Jim Foley's "Unoffical Realmz Home Page" is at: (author of CitC)

A) Bill Fergerson's (no more official than the other) "Realmz Home Page" is at:
Herein, you can find this FAQ, FAQ's for PtP, and Tip Sheets for AoGM, CoB, Ptp, and CitC.

A) My (even less official) Realmz links page which is at:

1.2 System Requirements

1.2.1Q) What are the system requirement's for Realmz?

A) The following information is valid for Realmz Scenario Driver V3.1:

requires a 68020 machine or better (due to the size and complexity of the game it runs slow even on my high end 68030 --ed.).

of screen resolution of 640 X 480 pixels with 16 or 256 color capability. This game will not run off of Apple's 12 in. monitor or powerbooks with 640 X 400 display's. (I am able to play quite well on a Powerbook Duo 270c, whose monitor is only 8.4 inches. Virtual Desktop and this type of utilities are not known to work --ed.)

2.5 Mb RAM. Realmz requires 2500K but performance is maximized at 3500K. (The more memory you can afford to give it the happier the program will be. --ed.)

Hard Drive:
6 Mb of hard drive space for Realmz, the Scenario Driver and the included City of Bywater Scenario.

Add 200Kb for your own sounds and portraits.

Add ~1.5Mb per additional scenario. (CitC is 1.9MB, others are around 1.3Mb or less -- ed.)

Add 4Kb per character you generate. (I have 144Kb worth -ed.)

Add 300Kb to 400Kb per saved game (that's 3.5MB if you save all 10 games --ed.)

Add ~600Kb of temporary files created while playing.

Gives you a grand total of: 16Mb hard drive space preferred for unhindered play. (Not a big sacrifice if you ask me --ed.)
Realmz will not run of off a CDROM. You must copy it to your hard drive.

Also IMPORTANT: Author also states there are problems running Realmz on AV macs. Some players have found the game "runnable" with the system extensions off. For AV mac owners, downloading Realmz may, itself, be a game of chance.

Suggestions for players who own AV macs (not bad for everyone else too) Try to turn off any extensions you don't need (all of them if you can), disable screen savers, turn on "fast trade" option in preference menu (this will avoid a commonly reported bug) or use the shift key to trade items.

1.3 Reasons to Register

After you register, you should guard the page/email that your registration numbers came on with your life! You will need them again.


1.3.1Q) Why should I register? Do I have to pay for additional scenarios of I register?

A) There are advantages to registering. Be aware that Realmz is a fully functional package even if you don't register, _BUT_ here's what do get when you register and what you don't get if you don't register: can create characters up to 12th level of experience. you save a game, the character files in the character folders are also updated so that when you play an new scenario, you can create a party of characters that retain all their material possessions from previous adventures can install and play new scenarios. But you will have to register for each scenario to play _all_ of that scenario. You will have to pay $5-$15 per scenario depending on the complexity of the scenario (and the greed of the scenario's author =). no longer have to see that annoying registration screen. will be supporting Tim Phillips and encouraging the continued bug squashing and new scenario development and new feature development that Realmz is known for. will no longer be riddled with guilt as you are enjoying yourself playing this great game while knowing that the hard-working author is continuing to squash bugs and work on new scenarios and features and not getting a penny from you.

1.3.2Q) A new version has come out. Do I have to register again?

A) No. a patch is released. You needn't do anything special. Just apply the patch as per the instructions that accompany the patch. a complete new version is release (such is the case with version 2.2) because the patch would be almost as large as the entire entire application, you should download it. Unstuff/uncompact it and install it. Do not delete your old version and do not install it in the same folder or on top of your current version! Run new version and at the registration screen, enter: '911' (without quotes) in the field for registration code. A dialog box will pop up allowing you you to enter a serial number. Enter the serial number of your previous version of Realmz (which can be found on your registration documents). and Viola! You can now enter the same name and registration code as for your previous version.

Please note that after you have registered, your copy is no longer shareware. Please do not give any copies of your registered application away.

1.3.3Q) How much does it cost to register Realmz?

A) The following is a table of prices for various parts of Realmz:
	Realmz scenario driver and "City of Bywater"...................$25
	"Prelude to Pestilence"........................................$15
	"Assault on Giant Mountain"....................................$15
	"Castle in the Clouds".........................................$10
	"Destroy the Necronomicon".....................................$12
	"Search for the WhiteDragon"...................................$15
	"Griloch's Revenge"............................................$14

	Realmz Character Editor (on disk)..............................$10

1.4 Problems newbies have

Okay the previous section is for people that haven't gotten Realmz or just got it. The following is for people who have started playing without reading the manual.

I'd like to preface this section with: "READ THE @#%!&!@! MANUAL!!! Why the heck do you think Tim includes it?"

ahem... excuse me... now back to our regularly scheduled program...


1.4.1Q) The dark menus really bother me. Is there any way to fix this?

A) There are preferences which allow you to turn off black menus and the script font for menus. There is also a "reduced" sounds option for mac users that are annoyed by the sounds or get a lot of pops and crackles.

1.4.2Q) Sometimes when I play, the screen gets all messed up and I can't see the character's attribtes. What can I do?

A) There's a feature in the same menu as the preferences that allows you to refresh the screen. This will clear up any funny blocks, strange screens, etc... from the play screen.

1.4.3Q) How can I consult the manual or spell list while playing Realmz?

A) You can send Realmz to the background by selecting the "Hide Realmz" in the Application menu. This will allow you to open another application.

Descriptions for spells that are "non-damage" inflicting can be seen in the area below the play screen by selecting the spells description option in the preferences menu.

1.4.4Q) How can I print out the spells database without half of it getting cut off?

A) Try changing your Page Setup from Portrait to Landscape (thanks to Marc Nimchuk, Univ. of Alberta). And you'll probably have to select scale by 85% in order to fit it on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 letter page. The whole thing printed out takes something like 27 pages.

1.4.5Q) I have put the scenarios in the Scenarios Folder but they still don't show up [in the Adventure menu]? What's the deal?

A) When you put those scenarios into the "Scenarios" folder. Make sure you don't have an extra level of folder. i.e. Inside the scenarios folder should be the actual scenario folders. And inside those should be the data files. Make sure there is not an extra level of folders or the game will not be able to find them.

1.4.6Q) How come I used to be able to save/load a game [without problem] and now all of a sudden it gives me errors?

A) Make sure you have enough free hard drive space. It takes about 500K to save a game and another 500K for temporary files that Realmz needs while your playing. The temporary files will be erased when you quit Realmz but you still need a little breathing room during play.

1.4.7Q) Who is the author and what's his e-mail address?

A) The man responsible for this wonderful piece of programming is Tim P. Phillips (not to be confused with some other Tim Phillips): (email address has been deleted because Tim is tired of getting mail asking stuff like "When's the next patch/scenario coming out?" Technical questions and driver bug reports can go to:

Please READ THIS DOCUMENT, the tip sheets, the Scenario FAQ's and the MANUAL before e-mailing Tim!!!!! (Sheesh, you wonder why it takes forever for a new scenario to come out when people are harassing the author with annoying questions. =P --ed.)

1.5 Problems and questions advanced users have

1.5.1Q) Can I edit the portraits and sounds in Realmz? How do I edit the portraits in Realmz?

A) The first thing we need to do is to explain to you what NOT to do:
DO NOT use ResEdit to hack open your Realmz application because you will not be able to apply patches to upgrade to future versions because the ResCompare program that is used to apply patches will not be able to patch your application because it will find differences between your app and the one it thinks it's trying to patch from.

Okay, with that established, do do the following:
Create two files in the same folder as your Realmz application using ResEdit called "Realmz Portraits" and "Realmz Sounds" [no quotes, of course]. Each 'cicn' or 'snd ' resource you place in these files respectively with the same resource ID number as in the Realmz main application will be loaded at startup time, and replace the one in the main application. To figure out which resource ID is for which picture or sound you will have to open your Realmz application (or preferably a copy of it) and look around. If you open your original application be *VERY* careful not to accidentaly save any changes that might have occurred.

1.5.2Q) How do I use/change the music in Realmz? Where can I find more MOD files for Realmz?

A) First, you put "MOD" files into the "Realmz Music" folder and re-name it to "Indoor Music", "Outdoor Music", "Temple Music", etc... and that file will play when you are in that area. If you are looking for more MOD files you might try

1.5.3Q) Realmz runs incredibly slow on my machine [and it didn't use to]. What is the problem?

A) The first thing you can try is look below at the list of programs that are known to be incompatible with Realmz, and disable it. The second thing you can try is restart with extensions off, and slowly sift through your extensions over a series of re-boots and determine which extension is incompatible (and then report them to Tim and also myself!). The last thing you can try is to zap your PRAM. If you do not know how to do this -- consult someone who does because I forget [but it has to do with holding down 'P', 'R', and two modifier keys (which two keys, I don't remember) as your machine boots up -- you will know you have successfully zapped your PRAM when your machine re-re-boots. Be aware that everything you have stored in PRAM will be erased -- your location, 32bit memory addressing, AppleTalk settings, Chooser Settings...) You will have to reset everything.

1.5.4Q) What are the known incompatiblities Realmz has with extensions and other programs?
A) Not many known/confirmed. Here's ones heard of:
system: 6100/66 DOS comp.
symptoms: Crashes game/system
contributor: Ace by PSI
system: IIvx
symptoms: Slows everything down
contributor: Scott Drown Pro extension
system: Performa 550/12MB
symptoms: After you hide Realmz, hang upon return.
contributer: Tim Ambler Village software FAX
symptoms: Slows everything down
contributor: Ace's Buttons(1,4)
symptoms: Slows down/screws up menus
contributor: David Grayson Office Manager v4.1(3,4)
symptoms: Screws up sound
contributor: Ace

  1. reported for previous version[s]. May not be true of current versions.
  2. sporadicly behaves this way (up to 50% of time)
  3. ...and earlier versions.
  4. behavior varies from user to user

When reporting an incompatiblity to me, please try to include as much of the following info as possible: app/extension name, version of app/extension, system software version, symptom(s), solution [if one other than remove from system or disable], and contributor [so I can give you credit!]

2 Playing Realmz

2.1 Combat in Realmz

Fundamental definitions:

melee (MAY-lay)
-- hand to hand combat. Can refer to the fight itself, or the type of weapon. (eg. a sword is a melee weapon)

missile weapon
-- bows and arrows, darts, throwing axes, throwing hammers... anything in Realmz that the game allows you to throw at someone or something else to inflict damage.

Fundamental concept:

"Kill all the bad guys, don't get killed."

More specific concepts:

You wander around Realmz. Inevitably, you will run into all sorts of baddies that wish to do you harm. Your job is to swiftly dispatch them and strip them of any belongings that they may be carrying. To do so you can either:

1) get up next to them and whack the dickens out of them with what ever melee weapon you happen to have acquired, or your bare fists if you are unarmed.

2) try to keep your distance and volley arrows, throwing axes, throwing hammers, throwing stars, etc... at them

3) cast some sort of spells to kill, harm, or hinder them.

That is your fundamental attack strategy. Before you run out and pick a fight with the biggest flesh golem you can find, you may want consider some defense strategies... or during your battle you may notice that you are losing, then you will also need to consider:

4) make sure your characters are healed up from the previous fight before you get yourself into another one. Try to find a safe place to camp out.

5) you might consider casting some sort of spell to heal, help, or protect your own characters or any allies you may have during battle rather than just offensive spells.

The more you fight, the more experience your characters will get, and the better they will get at fighting.

Okay... on to the questions...


2.1.1Q) How do I use a missile weapon?

A) Equip the character with it (most characters can be holding a melee weapon and a missile weapon). When in combat mode, click on the little icon next to the character's weapon. It is a small rectangular icon just right of the character's weapon icon and it has a small scimitar and a bow in it. Click on it, and you'll switch weapons. The weapon icon of a missile weapon will be "raised" and you can click on it and you target it like a spell. See targeting spells, below if you do not know how to target your missile weapon.
click here to read about targetting.

2.1.2Q) What's the difference between Guard, Delay, and Finish?

A) You can end a character's attack turn in one of the following ways: attacking something, cast a spell, or one of the above options. Guard will "save" your attack for later when a poor unsuspecting monster wanders too close to you. Delay should be done before you move. It's good when the character is trapped behind other characters, you can "wait" to move until after another character has moved. Finish simply ends the round with no attack.

2.1.3Q) What is a rogue's sneak attack? How do I use it?

A) For certain character castes, there is a percentage of the time that they can inflict double or triple damage. Take sneak attack for instance. You don't need to do anything (like "getting behind" a monster) in order to attack it. Simply attack as usual, and a certain percent of the time, depending on what level you're on, your rogue's skillful ability to impale it's victim in a vulnerable and "physiologically" crucial spot, your rogue inflicts triple damage. Fighters, archers, crusaders, and monks can inflict "major wound" which implies that the character inflicted some sort of major wound (eg. crush skill, decapitate, maim, etc...) which causes double the "normal" damage.

2.1.4Q) How can I check to see what abilities and stamina a monster has [left]?

A) Use command-click and where normally you're player's combat info is displayed, the monster's combat info will be displayed.

2.1.5Q) The text during battles is too fast! I can't read everything! What can I do?

A) You can slow the game to a crawl if you change the preferences setting. What I find helpful when attacking with spells and missile weapons is to look at the text box when hitting the space bar. Sure you miss out on seeing your spell/weapon hit the monster, but you can see the text if you're attention is on it. (I work in a vision lab, trust me, you can see if if you try.)

Version 1.3.2 and later "slowed" text during battle with a "speed up" option in the preferences menu.

2.1.6Q) How do I find enemies that are off the screen without moving around to find them?

A) You can use the "Reveal Friends" button, or you can "Move" the view screen. (See 3.3.1)

2.1.7Q) Why do I have negative experience points?

A) Because experience in this game is counted down not added up. You attain the next level when the counter gets up to zero and then it resets to a more negative number.

2.1.8Q) Sometimes when I play, all of a sudden, one or more of my characters develop a mind of their own and start playing for themselves. What gives? Is this a bug? How can I stop them and regain control?

A) You characters are "in retreat". This is not a bug. It's a condition that can be brought on by certain monsters's attacks. It is similar to your character getting charmed. To regain control, cast a dispel magic spell on that(/those) character(s).

2.1.8Q) My monk does a lot of damage with his bare hands, but many monsters require a magic weapon to hit. Will the Gloves of the Seasons +2 cause the monk's hands to be +2 weapons?

A) No! Get a clue. Sheesh. =)

2.2 Spell casting

Spells come in many shapes and sizes. There are three things to remember about casting spells:
1) Target: Do I cast it on friends, foes, or under some "special circumstance" Does it require line of sight? Is it an individually targetting, a wall, an area, or a ray?

2) Range: Am I close enough to cast this spell?

3) Power: What does increasing the power level do? (besides use up more spell points) Does it increase the area affected, the duration of the spell, the range, the damage (done/healed)?


2.2.1Q) How do I target spells (or missile weapons for that matter)? How do I target stuff that's off the screen? How do I rotate spells that can be rotated? After you select the spell (or the weapon) you get a line that starts at your character icon and ends in a little box) or big area depending on the spell). The number in the box tells you how many targets you may select. Move the box onto the icon of the monster and hit "T" for "T"arget! If you are allowed more than one target, repeat this step. If your target is off the screen and yet still within range, pull the target box to the edge of the screen and click the mouse button. This will scroll the screen over in that direction. (warning: some users have complained about crashing the program by trying to hit targets off screen, though this has never happened to me.) When you're done targetting, hit the space bar to cast the spell (or to launch the missile weapon). "RETURN" to rotate spells like Wall of Fog, Wall of Force, Wall of Ice before targetting. as of v1.5. Spells requiring line of sight (ie. can be blocked by walls, trees, mushrooms...) are signified with a little eye in the targetting box in the spell selection screen.

2.2.2Q) Sometimes a magic-using character is not given the opportunity to cast spells even when they are conscious and have plenty of spell points. What gives?

A) Ah ha! I guess it's hard for a character who has been hit during a turn to cast any spells. If you think of all the things that happen in one "round" of a combat as simultaneous, then I suppose it would be hard to concentrate on casting a spell while someone is beating you to a pulp.

But they can use a scroll (either a pre-made scroll or one in their scroll case) instead of a spell if they've been hit.

2.2.3Q) Why am I a 3rd level priest with only 2nd level spells?

A) Priests get all the spells for a certain level all at once, but they only get new spells something like every other level. Consult the appendix in the manual for advancement.

2.3 Scrolls and scroll cases

2.3.1Q) How do I put [the] scrolls [that I find/buy] in scroll cases?

A) You can't put the scrolls you find into scroll cases. You can USE them whenever you want. But you can create your own scrolls, buy yourself some blank parchment. Set up camp and the character with the scroll case and the parchment will have a create scroll button. Then create the scroll and it will give you the usual spell window and you cast the spell as you would usually. A scroll will appear in your scroll case. It takes twice as many spell points to make a scroll than to simply cast it, but it's good to save up scrolls.

2.3.2Q) Why can't I use scrolls [that I find/buy]? Can I use a scroll more than once?

A) Some characters can't use some scrolls. I think priests can only use priest's scrolls (a priestly spell in scroll form). See above about putting scrolls into scroll cases. To check whether a character can use a scroll (or any item for that matter) go to trade and put that character in the left side and start clicking on stuff. A red stop sign will show up on the item and you'll get a little clunk sound. Try giving the scroll to a character of a different caste, or one with more wisdom/intelligence (depending on whether priest or sorcerer).

Scrolls are good because they can be created before a battle. During the fight, when a spell-caster runs out of spell points, he/she can then use scrolls, which already used spell points to create and now can be used. Each scroll in a scroll case disappears after being used. The nX number before it simply tells you the spell's power level, but picked up scrolls will have an nX after it to tell you how many times it can be used.

Crusaders can use priestly scrolls and rogues can eventually use magic user's scrolls. And you can also option click on an item at anytime to see an information window that tells you all about it and who can use it. (Thanks to Dave Wetzel - Editor: "Oh yeah... totally forgot about that, but I often determine who gets what after a fight when I'm dividing up the plunder in the trade screen".)

I've discovered that my 8th level crusader has a 100% chance of successfully reading sorcerers' scrolls. Go figure.

2.4 Money and item management

2.4.1Q) When I'm buying and/or trading, I want to sell something I'm wearing. Do I have to go back to the items screen every time I want to unequip an item?

A) You can equip/unequip anything by clicking on it with the command key down (command-click) and you can "quick trade" it by clicking on it with the shift key down (shift-click).

2.4.2Q) How can I get information on items to see whether a certain character can use it or what it's attributes are?

A) Use option-click to look at info on items before picking up or buying the item on the shop/item screen, on the character's inventory screen, and on the treasure screen.

2.4.3Q) My party has kicked butt, earned lots of gold. With that gold we have armed ourselves to the teeth. But now my characters are so weighted down that I only have one move per turn. What can I do without any of my precious armor or hard earned gold? The weight is more likely due to the gold than anything else you may be carrying around. Go to a shop or temple and have the gold changed to gems (or jewelery... don't recall if that's possible). Gems are worth more than gold so you will get fewer gems than gold, thus lightening your load. There is a nominal fee for converting gold to gems but if your gold is becoming a weight problem, it's likely that you will not mind loosing a few gold pieces per gem. There is no fee for converting back, though. To convert click on the bag with the jewels directly under your party's amount of pooled gold. You can also take advantage of the new banking feature that is available in Realmz 2.1.1. You can now leave your money at the shops and it will be there when you come back.

2.4.4Q) After I go to a shop all my money dissappears! What happened?

A) You have to remember to "share" your money before you leave (since you had to pool your money to buy stuff when you came in). Turn the "Forget money protection" ON in the preferences menu so that it will ask you if you want to get the money before you leave.

Version 1.3 and later have an option in the preferences to automatically convert your gems to gold if you don't have enough to buy something.

2.4.5Q) What the heck is an luck stone for?

A) Each color of luck stone is for a different caste of character. You can equipt it to increase that character's perfornace.

	aqua		fighter
	copper		crusader
	yellow		archer
	green		rogue
	purple		monk
	blue		enchanter
	red		sorcerer
	speckled	priest

2.5 Basic concepts of special abilities

In the world of Realmz, you will need to use many different abilities, besides fighting abilities to succeed. You will at times, pick the occasional lock, breakdown a door, sneak around somewhere...


2.5.1Q) When I'm picking locks (bending bars, breaking down doors...), and I see these yellow/green bars and the timer, what does it mean? Is there something I am supposed do during this to increase my chances of success?

A) (After being informed by Benjamin Porter that I should read the manual more carefully) The bars change color based on the character's ability. There is a certain amount of time the bars flash. If you hit return or click the mouse when they are all yellow or green you will have successfully completed the task. Or for those of us that do not have good hand-eye coordination, we just sit and hope the percentiles are in our favor and all three will be green at the end of the time allowed.

2.5.2Q) Do monks and rogues increase their ability with levels?

A) Hmm... I know monks fight better. As far as I can tell, improvement depends on your ability scores. Characters with good constitution tend to get more stamina points at advancement time. And I also know that my rogue has improved from 9% to 14% success to sneak attack someone. I assume all her other scores have improved too (note that I chose a female rogue because of the dexterity bonus).

Something else to keep in mind: more constitution gives more stamina at promotion time, more wisdom for priests/crusaders for more spell points; more intelligence for enchanters/sorcerers more spell points and more spells. Dexterity for rogues...

2.6 Personnel management

2.6.1Q) For one reason or another (encumbrance bug, missed quest...) I want to drop a character and add another one and it says levels exceeded, or I want to take my characters back through the same adventure and keep all their possessions, what do I do?

A) Register your game! When you do; there will no longer be a restriction on levels (although the number will still be there to indicated the difficulty of the scenario) so you can put any level character back into the party and they keep their possessions when saving the game. That is, the "character" file is update as well as the save file.

2.6.2Q) Why should I use a archer insead of a fighter/an enchanter instead of a sorcerer, a monk instead of a rogue, etc...? What are the pros and cons of each character?

A) I've added this one in answer to the recent debate of: Why does my archer suck?

The following are the pros and cons of each caste, and things you can consider in determining their usefulness. (Comments courtesy of Eric W. Anderson -- edited by me.)

The name says it all. A nice balance of ability to dish out damage and to take it. They can use almost anything, get extra swings quickly, and have very little in the way of side talents.

While they are a bit weak at low levels, at high levels they are among the most effective fighters. They are the quickest caste to get multiple attacks, and the Robe of Speed makes them truly impressive at dishing out damage. Once you pickup some of the better bracers of defense (AC4 or 8) their AC is about as good as anyone's. When rolling a monk, hang in there until you get a good constitution -- a d6+3 per level gives them plenty of hit points.

Monks are to fighters and rogues what Crusaders are to fighters and priests. They combine elements of both castes.(--Chris Baginski?) So why bother with any of the "base" castes? (--ed.) They get lots of Special abilities at higher levels, like regeneration.

Good at low levels, when those extra hit points really help (they start out better than fighters but wind up somewhat lower); having a missile weapon puts them above Crusaders at the start. At high levels, they fall off. Even with the Shalomar (unique Bow +2) missile weapons are no big deal. They are slow to get extra blows. (It is even worse when you look at how much experience they need to get extra blows rather than just how many levels -- the high EP needed to advance at high levels is an obvious holdover from some game where they get spells).

Both monks and archers get some limited rogue skills, but even the locks and traps abilities of true rogues are of limited value, so I don't count them for much. There is rarely anything that a rogue can do that can't be done easily some other way. Why disarm traps? -- use knock and take the damage if necessary; why steal the keys? -- attack the guards and take them.

Not bad in City of Bywater. There are a few traps that can actually hurt a low-level party and they are not that much weaker at fighting than other one-swing types. But once the fighters start to accumulate metal armor, magic weapons, stamina and swings the rogue starts to look worse and worse. Sometimes it is nice to have someone who can plunk an arrow or apply a healing unguent, but on the whole I don't find them much us[e] beyond CofB. Theoretically they can read scrolls, but the odds are so bad that it is not usually worth wasting a turn, let alone a scroll, to try.

I've found rogues to be let down after let down. I have now replaced the rogue with a monk because my rogue would invariably be the one to bite it a tough battle. I'll take one more pair of hands out there pulling some weight in a fight than a rogue's abilities. (--ed.)

The last mainly fighting caste, I have mixed feelings about. For the first few levels, they are basically fighters. Not having a missile weapon is an annoying limitation at low levels, but at higher levels where the damage from even a magic bow is so small relative to melee, that annoyance disappears. I find their priestly abilities useful in three ways. At low levels, I have had them turn undead that the priest missed, or had them get the chance to turn before the priest did (maybe saving the MU or Ench). Second, there are times when even a Cure Light Wounds can bring a character back into battle and turn the tide. Finally, they can read scrolls written by the priest, so even if they have only 1st level spells they can use an extra swing to read a Festering Wounds x7 or a Blade Barrier that the party's priest put on paper. Besides, the more people who can cast charm person, the better your odds of not getting hacked to pieces by your own people. On the whole, I think that the extra abilities of Palidinhood make up for the limitations and the slower advancement.

Personally (--ed. speaking now) I love 'em. First, because I just think the "Knight" leading my part is just way cool (though a bit traditional in thinking, I admit). But if you spend more time during the rolling of a crusader (look for high strength and wisdom, and with some special conditions to boot -- extra +'s on hit to something) you can end up with a fast moving really strong character, that can cast healing spells (a big plus when all you characters are gone and you're the only one left... you have two attacks or three out of two and you have a moment to give yourself a little extra juice to throw yourself back into the fray). My consistent choice for spot #1 in my party. (--ed.)

What can I say? Every party needs one. The healing is essential, and at higher levels they get a nice selection of offensive spells as well. Beyond CofB, I have rarely used them in combat, though with a potion of speed they can get enough swings to help. Plus, you can then go (swing, swing, spell) and all the weapon damage is extra.

Though you have to protect them, in many battles they kill more of the enemy than do the fighters. I have been somewhat disappointed by their contribution compared to high level priests and enchanters as I near the end of AoGM. Maybe I have chosen spells poorly -- I have picked at least two that I doubt I'll ever cast (Mass Charm and Portable Hole).

Who is it that keeps asking for Druids (ooh! ooh! me! me! --ed.)? These are clearly the druids (okay then give some enchanter spells to the archers! --ed.)-- look at the spells (Bark Skin, Call Lightning errr make that Lightning Strike) and the allowed armor and weapons (Leather, Scimitars). (yeah, but I remember AD&D druids are limited to the same "dull" weapons as priests? --ed.) You can play them through CofB and if they do nothing but cast Bark Skin continuously they have pulled their weight. At intermediate levels I have found them less useful than MUs, but once they get Cloudkill they resume making a big contribution to killing the enemy.

I agree and disagree. I always find them much more useful than sorcerers, because in the end, against a horde of small foes, they can hack away at the bad guys with the best of 'em. Better armor and better weapons definitely gives these guys an edge over sorcerers at lower levels because they can stand their own in a fight when they don't have many good spells cast or many spell points to use. (--ed.)

2.7 Miscellaneous & Bug Alerts

Here is where information that I felt was important but I couldn't find anywhere else to put goes. Most important are bug alerts for major versions.

2.7.1INFORMATION ALERT: There is a change in the location of the file Data CD. If you use an updater to patch to version 2.3 or higher from version 2.2, then you should move the file Data CD from the DATA folder to the CHARACTERS folder. It will save you many headaches. Do it right after you finish patching to version 2.3, before you fire it up for a test drive.

2.7.2BUG ALERT: If you are downloading the entire version of 2.3, then you MUST also download the updater to version 2.3.3. There is a bug that prevents the game from remembering your serial number when you transfer your registration.

2.7.3BUG ALERT: If you are using version 1.0 of the Griloch's Revenge scenario, you MUST download version 1.1 and restart the scenario immediately! A bug in version 1.0 prevents you from being able to receive your reward and completing the scenario.

2.7.4BUG ALERT: Users that downloaded version 4.3 or 4.3.1 of the Realmz engine must also download the 4.3.2 patch. Bugs exists in the 4.3 and 4.3.1 versions that causes the names of all the items that pre-4.3 characters are carrying to be invalid after conversion to 4.3 and the new races to work properly, respectively.

3 Questions dealing with Strategy

3.1 Difficulty settings

Choosing a difficutly setting will affect your strategy. At novice, you can become brave to the point of fool-hardiness. If you choose MEGA monsters and veteran levels, I warn you to be careful in all your battles and encounters

3.1.1Q) What's the main difference between novice to veteran difficulty? Is the veteran mode have harder monsters but less treasure and experience or is it harder monsters with more experience and treasure?

A) It's the latter. You get more experience, more gold, the same "magic" items but I noticed that the shops carry better stuff (especially Madam Otik's Magic stuff shop). I found it much easier to attain higher levels and hoard treasure near the beginning of the game. You will attain levels faster if you have low level characters in a veteran's game. Each scenario has a "recommended number of levels". For the City of Bywater it is '6', which means best for 6 1st level characters or one 6th level character. As you exceed the recommended levels, you will not get as many XP.

3.1.2Q) What does the "Monster Set" settings do?

A) It determines what monsters you will face. Some are the same across settings, others are different. It will affect the both which monsters you get as well as how hard the monsters are. The difficulty settings will increase/decrease the difficulty within the set of monsters you have selected. For example, goblins in the "normal monster set" may be trolls in the "monster monster set".

3.2 Encounters

3.2.1Q) I get a dialog box that asks if I want to do something, and I decide I don't want to do it because my party is too wimpy. When I return the monster or situation is gone! What gives?

A) You only get one shot at nearly all of the quests. If at any point you get these types of dialogs, say "YES"! Risk it! You won't have a second chance if you run away. Just save more often, and you can restore to the previous state before you get killed be the quest. You can say no to random encounters like giants, orcs, kobalds, goblins, shantiles... But never pass up an opportunity to fight a demon, dragon, wizard...

Same thing holds true if you take the dagger from the old woman, her shop stays closed for the rest of the game. High price to pay for being greedy. How do you select the answer to the questions? Try to choose the most noble, proud, brave, fool-hardy thing. Don't be afraid to take risks, but don't be unkind.

"It's better to be dragon chow than to sit in the tavern at the city of Bywater telling everybody that you were the one that got away"
-Matt Hicks

There are a FEW exceptions to this rule. The beastmen corral will ask if you want to do it later. You can do it later. There are many ways to get into the spider tower. If you refuse to help the king's priest, you can still do a frontal assult through the front door or a sneak attack through the secret passage. You can also decide to leave and come back later to the town brothel.

If you've already blew it on some of them and want a second chance, register your game and restart the adventure with your old characters in a "new" party. You'll feel more confident with your entire arsenal of weaponry and armor.

3.2.2Q) I'm stuck (somewhere: eg. Finger mountains in Prelude to Pestilence) and I've tried everything. -OR- I'm (somewhere) I'm supposed to be, and I can't use (some item) like (someone said I could).

A) Look around for the "suspicious" locations. You will find that you can click the "Encounter" button at those locations and then cast a spell, read a scroll or use an item.

3.3 Combat strategies

3.3.1Q) Is there a better way to kill monsters that are separated from you by a wall or a mountain than to wander all over the screen to track it down?

A) Of course! If you are intent on hunting it down and killing it by hand, there is a button called "Move". While the cursor is an arrow, you normally click to make the character move in that direction. If you press "M" you can scroll the window in that direction without moving your character, so you don't have to wander aimlessly looking for a break in the wall. Keep in mind that the battle map is just a zoom in of the dungeon/surface map. If you remember the terrain before you enter the combat, you'll find that it's pretty much the same after. Another thing that helps is that sometimes the monsters aren't even on the screen and you don't know which way to wander... try "R" for reveal friends. You'll find that it also reveals your enemies too. If you have a fairly strong spell caster, you could blink over to the bad guys too.

If you just "F"inish each character's attack turn, and repeat for 4 our 5 rounds, the battle ends anyway. (Thanks to Richard Drysdall) I've noticed that you get no (that's right ZERO) experience points if you bag out of a fight this way.

But the best way to kill monsters from far away, that I've found is to have an enchanter in the party able to cast Lightning Strike. This spell's range is up to 20 units away and if you have enough spell spell points can inflict up to 24 points of damage (if I recall correctly). Very efficient. Cannot be blocked by walls, slagtites, mountains...etc. Other good low level spells for range killing include Flame Spikes and Cosmic Blast.

3.3.2Q) I've been hacking away at [monster x] for ages. It it possible to kill it?

A) Of course! Maybe you need stronger characters? (Come back when you are.) Perhaps a different strategy? Better weapons?

In version 1.5 some monsters need magical weapons with a minimum plus value to even score a hit.

3.3.3Q) Can I retreat from a hopeless battle?

A) Yes, but you must run far enough away. If your characters has more moves/turn than the monster, you might make it, otherwise, you're better off standing your ground and take your shellacking like a man (er.. apologies from un-PC-ness). There is a new button called escape that lets you bail out of a hopeless fight, but you have to be at least 10 spaces away.

3.3.4Q) My characters often bleed to death and I hate to have to use up one turn of one of my characters' attacks to bandage them. Besides, often monsters are too close and pummel me after I finish bandaging. What can I do?

A) I keep a weakling rogue around for tasks like picking locks, acrobatic maneuvers, and launching arrows from a long distance. The character can dish out much more than it can take. It often misses when in melee, so I hide it behind everyone else. I use it to safely bandage bleeding characters without feeling that I've wasted a valuable attack.

3.3.3Q) My characters are being slaughtered all the time. Am I doing something wrong?

A) Don't ever underestimate or overlook the use of priests (and even crusaders and enchanters) to to do a little healing on some of your characters during a fight. It may seem like you're "wasting an attack" but it can really pay off. Sometimes you get a lot of stamina back sometimes you only get a few, but part of the fight is defense.

Before you get into a fight that you know is about to happen, cast some protective spells: speed (or is it haste?), vorpal plate, bless...

During the fight, keep an eye on the stamina of your "slugger" (the guy that ends up putting away most of the bad guys. If he/she's hurting, then heal him/her up. If he/she is the last one standing after a fight then he/she get's all the experience, then he/she get's even better at his/her job. It's worth it.

3.4 Strategies for beginners

3.4.1Q) What's the best combination of character castes for a party? How do I stay alive at the beginning of the game? I've wandered all around the City of Bywater and the surrounding woodlands, now what?

A) I've finally broken down and decided to answer these questions. Most RPG veterans can skip this.

The best party is a well balanced with at least one rogue, one strong "fighter-type", and one spell caster. The remaining three are up to your choosing: usually two more fighting characters and one spell caster or vice versa. What I mean by fighter-type is fighter, crusader, archer or monk. I usually start with a crusader/fighter for their sheer strength and fighting ability. They get all the best offensive weapons and the most of the armor. I put them right in front to take hits and protect spell casters and use them to carry most of the gold and junk to be sold. A rogue is good for the occasional lock pick, acrobatic maneuver, or trap detection. Most are fairly weak but very dextrous so I usually arm them with bows and arrows and hide the behind the others. The first caste of spell casters that I don't leave home without is a priest. They can wear any armor and cast healing spells. Both are big plusses. The remaining members of a party is really up to taste. My next choice in fighting characters is a archer and then a monk. My next choice for spell casters would be an enchanter because they can wear a little more armor and carry short swords, unlike sorcerers, who basically only fight with daggers. My current party of choice thus consists of: Crusader, Archer, Priest, Enchanter, Sorcerer and Rogue. Monks just don't seem worth the effort for me, and fighters and archers are comparable, so why not go with the more exotic? Besides, I've had really good results from archers, better stamina, hit %, damage, and missile weapon hit %. More recently I've replaced rogues with monks because they're more effective in a fight and also have lock pick abilities

When you enter the world of Realmz the first time you are poor and naked. The first thing you should do is get into the castle by any means you can. You probably should avoid brute force and bribes since you will probably be weak, unarmed, and broke. Once in the castle, you will be employed by the king to rid Bywater of the evil arachnids that live in the spider tower. But he won't send you away empty handed, he will let you go through the castle's armory before you go.

Once armed and a little more confident, wander around the buildings of Bywater, visit with the orcs in the northeast, the goblins in the south west and wander the entire visible map. Once you're done you can begin wandering around in caves and looking for secret places to go to. If you're still lost consult the City of Bywater tip sheet and try to visit all those places.

4 Scenario specific questions and strategies

The questions that are listed and answered in this section are primarily the most frequently asked questions from the USENET newsgroup: and pertain specifically to the "main plot" of a scenario. [this "main plot" thing is a new policy, so as to not make the tip sheets for a given scenario redundant, nor make this FAQ gigantic. --ed.] If you have a question and/or answer that you feel should be included in one of these sections, feel free to e-mail me with them. I reserve the right not to include it.


Note: the "main plot" policy does not hold true for many of the following sections because I already finished the section before I instituted the policy, and the Bywater scenario has no plot per se.

4.1 Strategies for City of Bywater

A tip sheet exists for this scenario. It can be found at:

The most commonly asked question(s) are:
4.1.1Q) How do I know when I finished/beaten the City of Bywater scenario?

A) You won't. Due to the non-linearity of the game (you can complete quests in any order) there is no way of knowing if "you're done". EXCEPT for the Bywater scenario, there is a "tip sheet".

If you've done everything on the list, then you've done everything there is to do. So now what? Start over with a different party. Start over with a smaller party. Start over and do everything differently than you did before (agree to fight the orcs instead of the goblins; fight your way into the Spider Tower instead of finding the Undead Army...).

This tip sheet used to be included with the scenario. Now it's not, but it's available at all the usual sites. See: Where to get Realmz.

4.1.2Q) What are some of the "hard" monsters [in the City of Bywater scenario]? Where can I go for a good fight?

A) The following is an incomplete list of "good fights" in Bywater and surrounding areas. (My definition of a "good fight" is one in which I felt like I stood to have or did have all my character's wiped out at one point or another. --ed.) Waterford:

The "Beholder" in the temple at the sunken town of Waterford, as well as the his "guardians". If you choose right (or wrong, as it were if your goal is not a "good fight" but to quickly get through all the bad guys) you can get 2 fights from the orb.

Also elsewhere in Waterford is the Wizard's tower. The wizard is not as big of a deal as the guardians in front of the stairs. Remember that there are guardians on both sides of the stairs. the Underdark/Kobold Caverns

Two Red Dragons in the Kobold Caverns. Lots of dinosaurs and 4 Green Dragons in a different part of the same cave. You can also summon Rewop, a demon, and his guardians at the pentagram in the same cave.

Also in the Kobold Caverns (Underdark) is some grand wizard and a group of ogres. Skeletal giant and skeletal beasts that's locked behind the iron door. you can find a good fight at the Spider Tower. v1.5 and later has a Queen Spider (Widow of the web) and guardians too. Blue Dragon just out side of town. band of Mind Slayers that appear in town. These guys are _tough_ for an "in town" encounter. If you don't have the firepower, don't mess with them.

Where [, specifically,] are these places? You'll have to wander around yourself to find them. (Geez do you want everything to be spoon fed to you? --ed.)

4.1.3Q) I've got wimpy 1st level characters. How can I get some gold to buy some awesome weaponry and armor before venturing forth?

A) There are ways to "get" magical items without a fight. The King will give you a lot of generic stuff for just agreeing to go on his quest. But how do you get past the magistrate to get into the castle? Well, don't ignore poor little beggars in the streets. If you scratch her back (or her dog's back) she'll scratch yours (in a manner of saying). And besides, you could bribe the magistrate? Or maybe show him a bad forgery and then apologize for it? He might find it funny and let you in anyway. There's a lame giant that has a stash of magic armor/weapons that he'll let you in on if you help him. (He's near the lake where all the other giants are. If you take the dagger from the old woman being attacked in the town, you'll have one awesome weapon, but you're better off letting her be, and buying the dagger from her later. The arena is always good for 50 gold pieces (and whatever the monster might be carrying) a shot. Also, pick up as many weapons and armor as you can carry and sell it back to the shops (if your mac doesn't crash when doing so). You can accumulate a lot of money this way.

4.1.4Q) I can't find the orc king's daughter (the lame giant, ...). Where do I look for them?

A) Most of these are random encounters. You have to be wandering in the general vicinity to "find" these encounters. ie. The orc princess is somewhere in the forest just east of the city of Bywater. Were exactly depends, but turn on constant search and you'll be more likely to find these, and also more likely to get attacked by random monsters.

With the exception of the Gazer from Beyond, which some people have trouble finding. He's at the altar in the north eastern corner in the ornate temple in the sunken city of Waterford. When you find him, put the characters you most want to keep alive in the circle, and do not smash the orb or be too brash with him. You'll find he has a bit of an ego that is easily bruised.

4.1.5Q) What do I do with the Book of Turnians(sp?)?

A) Sell it. As far as I can tell, it doesn't do anything, no one else really wants it. Just take the 250 gp for it.

4.2 Prelude to Pestilence

A tip sheet and FAQ exists for this scenario. They can be found at: and respectively.

The most commonly asked question(s) are:

4.2.1Q) I'm trapped!! I've tried everything!! How do I get out of the Fingertip Mountains/Spider's Nest?

A) Have you tried the Encounter button? Try flying or spider climbing or something.

4.2.2Q) How do I save Tessandra?

A) Try that nifty Encounter button again. Make sure someone in your party's got some spell points and a few good tricks up their sleeves.

4.2.3Q) Why won't the guards let me back into town?

A) You have to get permission to leave first, and second, if you are carrying or wearing a Griloch's necklace, then get rid of it!

4.3.4Q) Why does it hang at the end of this scenario when I try to fight the army of Grilochs?

A) Scenario bug? Try dropping your NPC's before you start this fight.

4.3.5Q) Why can't I get into the castle in the south?

A) In version 1.0, the castle was just a red herring. You can see it but you couldn't get to it. Now there is a secret entrance through the mountains, but once you get to the castle, you must not be wearing a Griloch's necklace. (You might need to be wearing a necklace of Berthune.)

4.3 Assault on Giant Mountain

A rough page of info is available at:

And a tip sheet can be found at:

The following are commonly asked questions:

4.3.1Q) What does the boulder with the 2 indentations do?

A) Nothing. Tim was going to use it for something, where you put two coins or your hands into the indentations or something, but ran out of time, and just released the scenario with the boulder in place. It's a red herring. Move on.

4.3.2Q) How do I get past the Glowing dog?

A) Use your encounter button and give him some food (aka. iron ration).

4.3.3Q) Am I finished? Where's the all the fanfare and hoorahs?

A) Go to the Baron in the east of the city. The king is does nothing.

4.3.4Tip) Don't kill the hag that's foaming at the mouth. Later you'll find her body in town, and on it will be a gloomy ring. Take it to the King's Graveyard. You'll have to figure out the rest.

4.3.5Q) What other uses does the Horn of Annoyance have?

A) Aside from summoning the "Vermin" at the cave in the west, you can also use it at the gorge where all the hill giants hurl stones down on you. If you click the encounter button just before you get to the fortress, and "Use" the Horn, it will cause them to plummet to their death, and you will no longer have to deal with them when you go past that way.

4.3.6Q) Where are the dwarves?

A) They're in a cave just south east of the town. When you enter you will find "lots of foot-prints". Go to the edge of the lake and click on the encounter button and cast some spell (fly, teleport...) and you will be transported to the island in the middle of the lake. Walk around on the island.

4.3.7Q) Where is Lequetus [the father of all giant-kind]? -or- How do I get to him/that castle on the other side of the moat?

A) You must return the Axe of Ashbelt to the dwarves. Get the Anvil of Pain from the Dwarves, find the sword: Giant Slayer and smash it by "using" the anvil. Then a little rock will sprout up in the moat arount Lequetus's island allowing you to cross over. The island is located in the south eastern most corner of the scenario. (Go past the hill giant citadel, go through the mountain passage and head east.

4.3.8Q) I've finished the hill giant's citadel, destroyed the ice and fire giant's citadel, killed Lequetus and co., went back to the king and the Baron, and got NOTHING! Where is the end of the game message? How do I get the Flail of Doom +5 that everyone is talking about?

A) There is some bug in versions of this scenario up to v.2.2.1 I have not played through v.2.3 to confirm if the bug still exists. You must destroy Lequetus _first_, before you do anything else (kill off any off the other giants), and return to the Baron's castle. The King will reward you with the Flail of Doom +5 and you will get the "You have won the game" message. You can go back and do the rest of the scenario after this and obtain the usual hoorahs. Or if you want to do things in "partial right order" do everything, but do not finish the "last room" in the hill giant's citadel. Do everything else in order, and after you defeat Lequetus, go back to the Baron, then come back and finish off the giants. This is the way to get maximum good stuff from this scenario. (Thanks to Thomas Weigle)

4.4 Castle in the Clouds

Tip sheet available at:

Otherwise, commonly asked questions follow:

4.4.1Q) How do I get out of Hell castle? I can't get out the door on the second level?

A) In version 1.0 of CitC, there is a bug in which the door on the second level is one way. Use the Encounter Button/home trick. (see trick 5.2.3)

4.4.2Q) What happens when you shoot that buck in the woods?

A) If you manage to hit it, eat it and you will be permanently protected from 1st level spells.

4.4.3Q) I'm at the end of the scenario, and the lake tells me that "a path that was previously closed is now open." What path is it talking about?

A) The path is to Cross Island.

4.5 Destroy the Necronomicon

Tip sheet available at:

4.5.1Q) Where is X deadstone? How do I get X deadstone? Which coming of doom is X deadstone for?

A) What follows is my comprehensive spoiler list for deadstones:

Gluttony (1st coming of doom):
Can be found in Queen Selene's Castle. The castle is @X:9,Y:85. Within the castle find Bumpus the evil cook AX:55,Y:62. He will show you to his secret place in the castle @X:39,Y:77. After you go through the secret passage you will find the deadstone @X3,Y:77.

Hate (2nd coming of doom):
On a patrol of barrow trolls and viperions near the 2nd coming of doom.

Anger (3rd coming of doom):
Can be found in a small pyramid south of the giant's village. The entrance to the cave is @X:39,Y:83.

Fear (3rd coming of doom):
Can be found in the Greckle caves. The cave entrance is @X79,Y:52. The stone is in a small pyramid in the cave @X:60,Y:7. To reach it, you must use the encounter button and one spell that works is Portable Hole.

Jealousy (3rd coming of doom):
Can be found in a small pyramid in a small clearing in the north. The secret entrance to the clearing is @X49:y:83.

Disgust (4th coming of doom):
Can be found if you cast a raise dead or animate dead spell on the dead mammoth you find in the 3rd coming of doom. The secret passage is @X:75,Y:77. The dead mammoth is @X:78,Y:71

Loathing (4th coming of doom):
Can be found in a small pyramid north of the 4th coming of doom. Go through the red "2-faced gate" in the southeast of the main map. You will end up on a second area. The small pyramid is located @X:19,Y:2.

----The following stones are found in the abyss----

Suspicion (one of the four small pyramids in the abyss):
Can be found on the Lich from Bywater. The lich is in the castle just past the Rothian's (giants in the abyss) village.

Vengeance & Emptiness (for the small pyramids in the abyss):
Can be found in the eye sockets of the dead skeletal beast in the first small pyramid.

Scorn (for the small pyramids in the abyss):
Can be found in a pouch on one of the pit demons in one of the small pyramids.

Malevolence & Repulsion (for the last of the four small pyramids in the abyss): found in two rooms of one small pyramids. No living PC can get these. (see scrying stone vision.)

4.5.2Q) Where is the Xth coming of doom? How do I get to Xth coming of doom?

A) What follows is the comprehensive spoiler list for the locations of each coming of doom.

1st: On the island in the middle of the map. You get across to the island by crossing the rocks @X52,Y30. The pyramid itself is @X:49,Y:42. It arrives around midnight on the 35th day.

2nd: In a clearing in the Northwest of the map. The cave entrance to the clearing is @X:19,Y:7. The pyramid is @X:7,Y:9. It arrives around midnight on the 45th day.

3rd: In the middle of Starling village @X:83,Y:11. It arrives at midnight on the 54th day.

4th: In the area past the red "2-faced gate" the location is @X:86,Y:41 and it arrives around midnight about 10 days after you finish the 3rd.

4.5.3Q) Is the axe in the third bastion necessary for the completion of the scenario? How do I get the axe in the third bastion?

A) No, the axe is not neccessary. But it's a pretty awesome axe. You can get it by drinking a gaseous form potion, which you can purchase from the shop @X:7,Y:78.

4.5.4Q) How do I use the portals to get into and out of the Abyss?

A) The word "shastik" (in pre-v4.0 version is "shirak") will activate the portal in the 4th bastion and get you into the abyss. The word "vistock" will activate the portal in the bastion in the abyss to get you home.

4.5.5Q) What's the deal with the guard in the weapons shop in [Queen Selene's] castle?

A) Hit the encounter button and cast a charm humanoid spell. He'll give you some weapons. One is not magical. Take a look at it before you decide to chuck it.

4.5.6Tip) NPC's are plentiful in this scenario. Some of which are pretty nifty: giants, titans, tigtaurs... but it becomes obvious fairly quickly, that the "large" NPC's are not always an advantage. In tight places, they just get in your way, and being that they have more "surface-area" they tend to get beat up pretty quickly. (contributed by Rick Decker, confirmed by --ed.)

4.5.7Tip) This scenario has some wraiths. If you turn them, they are pretty good NPC's to keep. They're small (see above), they have lots of stamina, and they charm almost anything they hit. (also contributed by Rick Decker, and I agree --ed.)

4.6 Griloch's Revenge

Tip sheet available at:

4.6.1Q) Where is the [top/middle/bottom] piece of the Spear of Light?

A) The middle piece is found inside the burning bush dungeon. The bottom pice is on 'K' Island, but you need the Staff of Seeking. And the top piece is given to you when you return the Icon of Ahcrahn.

4.6.2Q) How do I get the Staff of Seeking?

A) You need to figure out how to get inside the dwarf's shifting shack in Cheltin.
4.6.3Q) Where is the Icon of Ahcrahn?

A) It's in Lonum Keep. You will need the dingy to get to and from Lonum Keep. If you use the teleporter in Cheltin Castle, you will not have a way back.

4.6.4Q) Where is the dingy?

A) The brother tells you where the dingy is. He needs to give you a map to a secret tunnel that leads to the dingy, however he forgets to give it to you when he gives you the oars.

4.6.5Q) What do all the levers in Griloch's Castle do?

A) The upper three is a combination, and the lower one activates a portal depending on the combination of the upper three. The correct combination takes you to the underground maze.

4.6.6Q) Why can't I find any of the things needed?

A) Try turning the SEARCH button on.

4.7 Search for the White Dragon

Tip sheet available at:
Sequel to Castle in the Clouds. (BIG WARNING -- BIG SPOILERS TO FOLLOW)

4.7.1Q) I was minding my own business, and all of a sudden I'm dead. What should I do?

A) Save! Save often!

4.7.2Q) What is that couple of white squares that stick out into the lake?

A) Well, you must be a faithful Realmz patcher, and have been patching for some time. I'm sad to inform you that it's time to download a full copy of Realmz and replace your "Data" folder. One of the updaters omitted a few important graphics, namely a dock and a ship, which those three little white squares should be.

4.7.3Q) What the *@%#$ do all the *#&%*$! levers do?

A) Which one(s)?
X:11 Y:55 in Castle Brierwood 1st level --
Makes door appear at X:33 Y:66 on the same level. If you don't pull this lever, you won't get very far in this scenario.
X:33 Y:25 in the Castle Brierwood 3rd level -- next to corpse
Jolts corpse (and PC that pulled it) with a lightening bolt bringing the corpse to life and slapping PC with 100+ pts of damage. (the "animated killer" isn't carrying anything that's really worth the trouble.)
X:25 Y:34 through X:29 Y34 in the Castle Brierwood 3rd level
Reveals doors to the three mysterious rooms without doors to north of the room with the levers. There appear to be no hints to which levers to pull in the game. One combination of levers that works is: 1, 3, and 4 (counting from right). One item in the room is worth the effort.
X:24 Y:6 in Castle Brierwood 3rd level -- by the big indoor
swimming pool. Raises little blocks that allow you to cross over to the platform in the middle of the pool. Getting the necklace off the statue is your problem.
X:12 Y:16 in Castle Brierwood 3rd level -- in the storage room
Reveals door to 4th level.
X:78 Y:14 in Castle Brierwood 5th level -- in Chloe's prison
Raises boulders allowing you to cross the lava pool.
X:57 Y:13 Zaphres castle -- "Slot machine from hell"
Lowers wall blocking stairs to second floor (and various other "interesting things"). Pull 6, 9, and 12 to lower wall (counting from the upper right going counterclockwise). Lever 3 will take you to "Zaphre's Maze", and you can pull Lever 5 "for fun".

4.7.4Q) Where is the "man to the south" that the gryphons were talking about? I've searched every house south of the battle with the dragons and the gryphons.

A) You got to go a lot further south than those houses. You're no where near where the man actually lives.

4.7.5Q) I'm at the dock and the boat, and the man tells me I can't sail because and that there's no wind. What do I do now?

A) Well, there's one other task that you have not yet done. Look to the northeast. There's some gryphons who could use your help first.

4.7.6Q) What do I do with the sword in the tree?

A) Pull it out. One out of twenty will successfully yank it out. But it's not important to the scenario, so don't worry if you don't manage to get it.

4.7.7Q) How do I get past the canyon where you get blown back by the strong winds?

A) If you can't get past it, you're not ready to get past it.

4.7.8Q) I lost [insert name of some special NPC here]. Do I need him/her later to complete the game?

A) Depends... The only NPC I'm sure you'll need is Blake, and perhaps Chloe.

4.7.9Q) I'm stuck in the maze Zaphres' castle. How do I get out?

A) Ahh, an unfortunate soul who pulled that third lever. The answer is... trial and error... it can be done, but might be easier to do if you had "Wizard's Eye".

4.8 Mithril Vault

No information available -- we just know it's coming because we see it in the list of scenarios and it's greyed out.

Work halted on this scenario until next spring.

4.9 Siege at Natari

No information available -- we just know it's coming because we see it in the list of scenarios and it's greyed out.

Work halted on this scenario until next spring.

4.10 Blood Ties

No information available -- we just know it's coming because we see it in the list of scenarios and it's greyed out.

Work halted on this scenario until next spring.

5 Tips and tricks of the trade

5.0.1Q) What are some "neat" bugs, cheats, or "pro" strategies for this game?

A) WARNING!!! THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS (for the purists). Granted that some of these are just bugs that may be done away with soon, and others are just little tricks that I've learned. But either way, they can really make the game boring if you use some of these tricks or cheats.

5.1 Tips from other players

The fillowing are playing tips that I've read or learned that I felt was worth passing along:


5.1.1Tip) Characters wearing rings of regeneration don't need to be bandaged: the lose a stamina point per round and they gain a stamina point per round.

5.1.2Tip) Don't you hate it when a magic using monster charms one of your party and you have to kill him/her? Just charm him/her back if one or your spell casters has a charm spell. I believe dispel magic works in Version 2.2 and better.

5.1.3Tip) Good way to deal with archers and magic using characters: they tend to deal with attackers that are near by before launching arrows or spells. If you don't have a character with a missile weapon, but have a 1st level Enchanter, you can Summon a monster to do your bidding and place it near the archer/spell caster. It will keep it busy for you. (Thanks to Dave Wetzel)

5.1.4Tip) (CoB) Okay, so you want better weapons and armor, but can't afford to buy it? Get into the castle; agree to go on the quest for the spider tower (this should be the first thing you do anyways). The king let's you take what you want from the castle's armory, right? Well, heck, clean 'em out! Take as much as you can possibly carry. EVERYTHING if you can manage it. Go to the store and sell everything you don't plan on keeping. You'll have enough gold to buy the stuff you really want. It's a useful strategy in CoB, but I think you also get stuff in AoGM.

5.1.5Tip) Tired of constantly getting jumped by random kobold attacks? Can't get wink of rest because hill giants keep jumping you? Cast yourself a Sentry spell (this is a fairly high level spell) becuase it does away with all surprise attacks. On the down side, I think it also prevents "good" random encounters.

5.1.6Tip) Here's a combat strategy by Chris Baginski(?): At the beginning of any fight, as the Monk is usually one of the first to go on my side (again, standard robe of speed/boots of speed combo) I target enemy spellcasters with my Biting Vipers. Not only do they not get to cast spells this round if they haven't yet, but because they are poisoned they won't be casting spells in any other rounds. This allows time for my Priest to drop an Insect Plague/Wall of Thorns and for my MU to lay down a Wall of Ice. At this point, the troops of my archer, crusader (with the might big sword... BTW, did anyone else realize that the Sword of Voltar is only a one-handed weapon, but has the damage and caste restrictions of a Two-handed sword?) and my Dwarven Fighter (with the mighty big axe) to start picking the baddies to pieces.

5.1.7Tip) Here's a combat tip from Max Fellwalker:
I always cast 'Festering Wounds' ASAP in large battles. It whittles away at the out-of-reach emenies while I'm busy with the ones nearby. I also keep my rogue supplied with Ring of Monster summoning and a scroll case full of 'Monster Summoning'...throwing extra people on the field as extra attackers/body shields/cannon fodder. It also helps to take out any magic-using enemies first thing, but that becomes pretty obvious.
Tip) Bonus, in version 2.2, you get 4 NPC's (non-player characters) which can be summoned monsters that will follow you around until they are killed off. (--ed.)

5.1.8Tip) Here's a combat tip from Ian Russell Ollmann
I'm a devote of the Wall of Paralysis (Priest lvl 5). A lot of high level monsters are fairly magic resistant and one-shot spells like festering wounds are usually shrugged off by most of the enemy. However, a wall of paralysis lingers for a few rounds and hits all within at the beginning of every round _and_ every time they move a space withing the area covered by the wall. Once they are paralyzed, they tend to stay that way and even a first level MU wielding a wet noodle can finish off a paralyzed creature in a single blow. It doesn't matter if the monster has 90% magic resistance. With the strange random way that monsters who are stuck behind a barrier move, they will usually bounce in and out of the wall five or six times during their movement, usually resulting in eventual paralysis. So, what you do is cast the wall inbetween you and the monsters during the first round and have your entire party (even the MU!) line up on the edge. Take note of which monsters are paralyzed and then kill them in a single blow! This is the sort of spell which can allow you to defeat veteran mind slayers. The only caveat is not to try to cross the barrier yourself! (Oh yes, also a big hooray for annihilate when above level three. Level one has certain unfortunate drawbacks, since the spell's range at that low power level is too limited to allow the spell caster to escape the spell's effects! The range at level two and sometimes three is usually too limited to allow all of your party to escape the spell's effects, since your MU is usually cowering at the rear.)

5.1.9Tip) Note above reference to boots of speed/robe of speed combo:
The robe of Speed is sooooooo cool on a monk (I [I believe that Richard means his monk character. Here is a clear example of what happens when you play Realmz too much. The first symptom is the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Sad, isn't it? --ed.) went from 2 attacks per round to 4!) -- Thanks to Richard Drysdall.

5.1.10Tip) Here's a long and informative tip by Li-Te Cheng on usage of spell casters in a tough battle against other spell casters: That fight [the fight with all the undead mages in CitC. --ed.] took me a few (painful) tries to beat. One thing that really helps is good constitution. Hp's are precious for any spell caster, especially in this battle, as I realized.

My strategy was:

1. prepare scrolls with (in order of decreasing priority)
  • blink
  • cosmic blast
  • insect plague (set it as high as you can)
  • wall spells
  • maybe a cure wounds type spell if you're low on hp use the scrolls only when your character is short on spell points or can't cast, except for blink.

  • 2. have spell casters prepare arcanic bubble

    3. then set up protection spells : (in order of decreasing priority)
  • invisibility [my favorite for any encounter]
  • haste
  • fire/cold/electrical/chemical protection
  • magic screen 1,2,3,4,5 (probably can do without 1,2)
  • spell deflector (for 1 round to survive the initial attack)
  • vorpal shield
  • attack deflector (for 1 round to survive the initial attack)
  • bless
    I noticed that on occasion, if you cast arcanic bubble and THEN the protection spells, the magic points from the protection spells are absorbed. In some instances, the spell caster winds up with A LOT of magic points. This may be enough to pay for the more costlier spells (e.g. Screen V). This appears to work only in certain places and times (seems to work before I entered the Mind Slayers' dens in Assault and Bywater and before this battle in City in the Clouds).
    So, an alternate strategy would be to "power up" your spell casters' magic points beyond the max with arcanic bubble/protection spells, and make some mega-scrolls (e.g. I've made some Annhiliate x7 Monster Summonning V x7, etc). Then recast the protections again.
    If you're short pressed for spell points, focus the protections on your spell casters, and use any equivalent magical items (e.g. certain rings and items provide protection from various attacks and spells).
    Also make sure your spell casters have some healing gear. Shield of healing or potions will do. For example, give your priest the shield of healing, and place your other spell casters nearby for any necessary healing. Save your spell points for attack spells.

    4. in combat, try to prevent any kind of damage from being inflicted on your spell casters, while you hit the enemy casters BEFORE they can cast (which would get rid of the majority of those pesky cosmic blasts). The main tactic I used was to blink my Priest into the wall a little north of the horde of monsters, then cast insect plague (which doesn't require line of sight and can affect a bigger area than a wall spell) on the whole lot. Similarly for the sorcerer and enchanter. I have them give the undead a taste of their own medicine by constantly pounding them with high intensity cosmic blasts (again, which doesn't require line of sight). Since they're in a wall, they can't be physically hit.
    If you think blinking into walls is "cheating", then you could try blinking somewhere with your backs against a wall, setting down walls and such, and hitting with the cosmic blasts. You could put a few monsters or your fighter types between your spell casters and the enemy.
    If you like line of sight spells, then blink your character just at the outer layer of a wall near a corner. This will reduce the number of sides your enemy can attack from, and still give you the freedom of using those line of sight spells. Lay down a wall nearby for protection.
    I've also noticed ray spells will go through walls. So if you have arctic wind, or the shield of dragon breath, etc, then you can use them. Usually the undead spell casters like cosmic blast.
    And at the same time, you want to lure the monsters into your insect plague area, so have everyone blink in the same wall/area north. However, I usually find the monsters don't move a lot (too busy casting or killing fire giants), so I just plant the insect plague right on top of them.
    If you have fighter types, have them focus their fire on the spell casters who didn't cast yet (you'll have to keep track who cast and who didn't cast yet). With invisibility and haste, you should be able to walk around and hit several, or use missile/throwing weapons.
    For example, an invisible and hasted high level monk with a robe of speed can run around and hit (and maybe kill) a good number of spell casters (if s/he's blocked or runs out of movement and still has attacks left, use a magic throwing weapon like the axe of sketch to hit the enemies).
    You can also equip your non-spell casters with magic items with area/ray attacks like the staff of fireballs to give additional support too. I didn't need to use them for this fight though.
    The rest is a bit of luck. Things will go bad if you lose initiative. If even one of your spell casters gets initiative before the rest, you can probably beat them.

  • 5.1.11Tip) Neat thing to with your NPC's from Robert Boyle
    It looks like lots of folk caste adrenalin/haste prior to combat if they know its coming up. Unfortunately, this doesn't affect your NPCs. I have noticed, though, in playing CoB with Realmz 4.0 that if you cast adrenalin on your NPCs they stay permanently hasted. Kinda nice to charmed some wicked monsters, like a flesh fiend, with poison or paralysis attacks and see them get six hits a round in.

    5.2 Tricks/beneficial bugs in the game

    The following are little tricks and caveats that are found in Realmz as well as "beneficial" bugs that sometimes show up. At one time, the 6th level sorcerer spell: 'Wall of Fire' cost zero (0) spell points! It was a great little bug, especially at 7X power. I believe it has been squashed, though.


    5.2.1Trick) Neat thing with "Wall of.." spells: Although you cannot cast them if you are blocked by an obstacle (wall, tree, stalagmite) the wall will still extend through the obstacle to the other side. One fun thing to do is; blink yourself onto the other side of a thin wall (works great at the arena and in the looted graveyard) then cast a Wall of (Force/Ice/Thorns) and orient it such that you are casting it on your side of the wall, but a part of it is on the other side. Sit back and relax as dumb monsters kill themselves trying to get to you. Great fun.

    5.2.2Trick) Cool thing that I've found that I've yet to discover a use for: You can blink yourself inside a wall! Very safe place to be to hide yourself from conventional melee and missile attacks, but you can't move or cast spells that require targetting except for another blink spell.

    5.2.3Trick) A useful trick that is available in (I think --ed.) all of the scenarios is the ability to get yourself back to the main map at any time. Just click on the Encounter button and then on the Speak button. Speak the word, "home", and you will be transported back to the main map.

    5.2.4Hack) Frustrated because your crusader can't use missile weapons? You can hack the character's save file by: give the character the missile weapon you want him to use. Use a Hex editor and find that weapon [and it's accessories if applicable] and then "equip" it by changing it's equiped/unequiped flag. See below.

    5.2.5Trick) to quickly gain levels (the cheater's way):
    1. Begin new adventure in Assault.
    2. Set diffuculty to veteran, this should cause lower level groups to gain experience at 250%.
    3. Get horn of deafening [does he mean 'Annoyance'? --ed.]
    4. Go to square near hill giant citadel, just before gaints throw rocks at you. I think it is Y:85 X:86, or vise versa.
    5. Unequip all items on first charachter, and tade[?huh? -ed.] so the horn is first on his list. [this is probably not necessary --ed.]
    6. Press E (encounter), click on items, press U (use), click mouse twice, click done. All charachters gain 5000 experience.
    7. Repeat.
    Its takes me about 15 min. of doing this to get my full party to gain one level, which includes a MU and Enc., both level 19 - 375,000 exp. per level. In this time, my level 25 rogue gains 25,000 short of 2 levels. (Contributed by "SolVenT")

    5.2.6Trick)If you're willing to trade large quantities of money for hard-to-come-by items, shops will "recharge" things for you. Sell an item like a used-up staff or Prism of Power, then buy it back and it's fully charged! This also works for potions and things like the Arrow of Lightning or Biting Vipers: split it up into separate items. Sell each of the items in a shop. As the shop buys a single arrow/potion/item, it turns to a group of items again--in other words, a single dose of Cure Critical Wounds potion turns into 3 doses, which you can then buy back. You can repeat this as many times as you like; I have characters with 60 Arrows of Lightning and 80 doses of Cure Critical Wounds! (Contributed by Andrew Sasaki)

    5.2.7Tip) From time to time (especially in DtN against Greckles) you will find yourself hit with so many "Entangle" spells that your characters are permanently entangled. Until now, the solution has been to use a hex editor to "fix" your characters because dispel magic and remove curse doesn't work when trying to "legitimately" fix your character. You can try casting a "Haste" spell to unentangle your characters. (Contributed by Ace via Quanah Harjo)

    6 The Realmz Hacker's Guide!

    Remember hacking is not in your software license agreement. If you damage your game, no one will feel sorry for you, but rather everyone will just say, "Tsk, tsk on you." If for no other reason, then read this as a list of all the goodies available in Realmz for you to go find and acquire the hard way. =)

    Tim would not recommend this, (in fact he probably thinks I'm a jerk for hacking his program and including this "sensitive information", but for completeness of this FAQ and to remain competitive in the FAQ market and popular in the eyes of the Realmz gamers I have included it) and I would warn people to avoid doing any damage to their game and make backup copies of files you are hacking. In fact, recently some, what used to be "normal" (but rather bitchin') super-duper-hacked-characters, became very unstable and now crash my Realmz game with clockwork consistancy. It's dangerous... even for those of us who think we know what were doing.

    If you have not read section 0, please do so now if you plan on hacking your saved games. Let me remind you that I am not to be held responsible for anything that happens to your game(s). Concepts remain vague to protect the incompetent, the following questions will not be answered: Where do I get a hex editor? How do I change [something]? What do I do if I screw [something] up/How do I undo [something] after I screw it up? Remember, if you don't know what you are doing, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.


    6.1 Realmz Character save format

    The following information was provided by someone else. Shame on me for deleting the header that came with his/her news posting. If the author of this portion of my FAQ would kindly e-mail me, I will gladly give him/her the due credit.

    The following information is for the [individual] character save file, or the file with the character's name as the file name located in the characters folder. This information is also applicable to the saved game, which is file "I1" in each of the saved game folders. But because any number of characters can be saved in the I1 file [between 1 and 6], the hex offsets would then be relative rather than absolute.

    This information has been checked to be valid for version 4.0 of Realmz.

    (Values are listed in hex unless otherwise stated. **** indicates gap in the sequence because the original author could not figure out what that offset did)


    Hex offset(s)Attribute
    0000-0003Age in days (currently unimplemented --ed.)
    0004-0005To hit AC 0
    0006 Dodge missile
    0007 Missile adjust
    0008 Two handed adjust
    000a Attacks per round (this value divided by 2)
    000e Number of Items (max = 1e = 30[dec])
    Basic stats: Works at least up to 19 (25[dec]). But related abilities don't change when you hack these (e.g. changing Strength to 25 doesn't increase damage or hit).
    001a Brawn (formerly Strength)
    001b Knowledge (formerly Intelligence)
    001c Judgement (formerly Wisdom)
    001d Agility (formerly Dexterity)
    001e Vitality (formerly Constitution)
    **** (formerly Karma now unused)
    0020 Luck
    0022 Armor Rating (without any armor, 0-100 scale)
    0023 Magic resistance
    0024 Damage (rolls over at negative 100[dec])
    [I'm not sure what the original author meant by "rolls over". --ed.]
    0025 Race:
    01 human
    02 shadow elf
    03 elf
    04 orc
    05 furfoot
    06 gnome
    07 dwarf
    08 half elf
    09 half orc
    0026 Religion
    01 lawful good
    02 chaotic good
    03 neutral good
    04 neutral
    05 neutral evil
    06 chaotic evil
    07 lawful evil
    0027 Gender
    01 male
    02 female
    0028 Current Skill Level
    002a Movement
    0034-0035 Weight of current load
    0036-0037 Weight of maximum load
    0038-0039 Current stamina (hit points)
    003A-004B Maximum stamina (hit points)
    0040-0041 Current spell points
    0042-0043 Maximun spell points
    0044-0047 Victory points (as a negative)
    Victory points (formerly experience points) is stored as a negative using two's complement format. Beginnin with "00 00 00 00", the hex equivalent for the next level requirement is subtracted. So a first level fighter who needs 2000[dec] experience [points] to reach the next level will be set to "FF FF F8 39". Don't set this to zero. Set it to something just less than that.
    0048-005d Character's name
    0066-0677 Number of gold pieces
    0068-0069 [Number of] gems
    006a-006b [Number of pieces of] jewelry
    When you change [the] amount of money, weight of current load is automatically affected.
    006c Character's caste (formerly class)
    01 fighter
    02 monk
    03 crusader (formerly paladin)
    04 archer (formerly ranger)
    05 rogue (formerly thief)
    06 sorcerer (formerly mage, formerly magic user)
    07 priest (formerly cleric)
    08 enchanter
    If you change a fighting caste character into a magic using character, give it spell points and spells, then it keeps its fighting attributes such as readied weapons/armor and hits per round
    006e-0096 Conditions. (contributed by Yu-chiao Hsueh and Brad Wilson) [Herein lies the conditions. The original author did not figure out the exact addresses, and I haven't had the time to figure them out myself, but they are here and they take the following form:
    00 off
    FF on
    0A temporary --ed.]
    006e In Retreat
    006f Is Helpless
    0070 Entangled
    0071 Cursed
    0072 Magic Aura (formerly Blessed)
    0073 Stupid
    0074 Moving Slowly
    0075 Shielded from Normal Hits
    0076 Shielded from Projectiles
    0077 Poisened
    0078 Regenerate
    0079 Shielded from Heat Attacks
    007a Shielded from Cold Attacks
    007b Shielded from Electrical Attacks
    007c Shielded from Chemical Attacks
    007d Shielded from Mental Attacks
    007e Pro' from 1st level spells
    007f Pro' from 2nd level spells
    0080 Pro' from 3rd level spells
    0081 Pro' from 4th level spells
    0082 Pro' from 5th level spells
    0083 Strong
    0084 Protection from Foe
    0085 Speedy
    0086 Invisible
    0087 Animated
    0088 Turned to Stone
    0089 Blind
    008a Is Diseased
    008b Confused
    008c Reflecting Spells
    008d Reflecting Attacks
    008e Attack Bonus (formerly Does Bonus Damage)
    008f Absorbing Energy
    0090 Losing Energy
    0091 Absorbing Spell Energy
    0092 Hindered Attacks
    0093 Hindered Defense
    0094 Defense Bonus (formerly Increased Defense)
    0095 Silenced
    0096-00e9 Spells known
    00 not known
    01 known
    They begin with first level spells and go sequentially through to the seventh level. This field is the same for all magic using characters. If you give a non- magic using character spells and spell point[s], they will NOT be able to cast any spells, with the one exeception of "Detect Magic" in the items screen.
    00ea To hit magic using
    00eb To hit undead
    00ec To hit demonic
    00ed To hit reptilian
    00ee To hit evil creatures
    00ef To hit intelligent
    00f0 To hit large creatures
    00f1 To hit non-humanoid
    These all take the format of +x to hit y. The value you enter becomes x. I don't know how many [special abilities] one character can have, but only 4 [four] will be displayed.
    0126-01cd Items.
    Items begin at 0126. Each [item] takes 6 bytes ("00 00 00 00 00 00") [which is] divided as follows. The first 2 bytes identify the item. Item ID numbers are below [in the following sections]. The third byte is either 00 for not readied, or 01 for readied. The fourth byte is either 00 fornot identified or 01 for identified. The final two bytes either give the number of uses or contain the falue FF FF for items that have infinite uses. Important: if you add an item, you must adjust the value at location 000e or it will be lost when you begin the game.

    Example: the following signifies a readied, identified Speckled luck stone:

    02 6e 01 01 FF FF

    Cursed items sometimes have different icons...
    01ef Hand to Hand Damage - stored in 1 byte 2's complement form. (Courtesy Rick Decker)
    01f1-01fe Special abilities (courtesy of Tim Ambler)
    01f1 Sneak Attack (formerly Backstab)
    01f2 Hide in shadows
    01f3 Sucessful Resurrection
    01f4 Cause Major Wound (formerly Critical hit)
    01f5 Detect secret area
    01f6 Acrobatic act
    01f7 Detect trap
    01f8 Disarm trap
    01f9 Hear noise
    01fa Force Lock (formerly Bend Bars/Force door)
    01fb Move silently
    01fc Pick lock
    01fd Pick pocket
    01fe Read sorcerer scroll

    6.2 List of Weapons

    The list of items the author of the character save format provided was often incomplete and often wrong. The following is my revised list of items. I do not imply that my list is without errors, but it is more complete. This disclaimer applies to armor, helms, and magic items as well as weapons.

    0001Dagger +1
    0002Dagger of Shielding +2
    0003Dagger -5
    0004Dagger of Styx +2
    0005Dagger of Penetration +2
    0006Sting +3
    0007Dagger of Anti-Magic +1
    0008Dagger of Spells +1
    0009Frozen Viper +2
    000bLongsword +1
    000cLongsword +2
    000dLongsword +3
    000eLongsword +2 Flameheart
    000fLongsword +2 Frostblade
    0010Sword of Resistance +2
    0011Longsword of Protection +2
    0012Sword of No Redemption -2
    0013Sword of The Lost Soul -3
    0015Broadsword +1
    0016Broadsword +2
    0017Penetration Broadsword +2
    0018Two-Handed Sword
    0019Two-Handed Sword +1
    001aTwo-Handed Sword +2
    001bTwo-Hand Electro Sword +2
    001cSword of The Voltar +2
    001dSword of Ill Repute -2
    001eSword of Defense +1
    0020Scimitar +1
    0021Scimitar +3
    0022Scimitar of Speed +2
    0023Scimitar of Trickery -2
    0024Scimitar of Dodging +2
    0026Mace +1
    0027Mace +2
    0028Mace of Destruction +3
    0029Nethermace +2
    002aMace of Evil Heroism -2
    002bMace of Resistance +2
    002dNunchuka +1
    002eNunchuka +2
    002fNunchuka of Speed +2
    0030Nunchuka of Dexterity +2
    0031The Sleeping Dragon -2
    0032The Four Winds +4
    0033Nunchucka of Kanfir +3
    0034Jo Stick
    0035Jo Stick +1
    0036Jo Stick +2
    0037Jo Stick of Speed +2
    0038Jo Stick of Protection +2
    0039Jo Stick of Rygar +4
    003aJo Stick of Tragedy -3
    003bMorning Star
    003cMorning Star +2
    003dMorning Star +4
    003eThrowing Stars
    003fMorning Star of Defense +2
    0040Morning Star of Pain -2
    0042Flail +2
    0043Flail of Cat Tails +4
    0044Flail of Doom +5
    0045Flail of No Hope -3
    0046Flail of Devilish Dare +4
    0047Tip Sword
    0048Tip Sword of Stench -2
    0049Sword of The Powers +4
    004aPenetration Tip Sword +2
    004bShort Sword
    004cShort Sword of Speed +2
    004dShort Sword +3
    004eShort Sword of Defense +2
    004fSword of The Omen -3
    0050Sword of Regeneration +2
    0051War Axe
    0052War Axe +1
    0053War Axe +2
    0054War Axe +3
    0055War Axe of Weakness -2
    0056War Axe of Strength +2
    0057Throwing Stars +1
    0058Biting Vipers +1
    0059Throwing Axe
    005aThrowing Axe of Sketch +1
    005bThrowing Axe +2
    005dBattle-axe +1
    005eBattle-axe of Varg +2
    005fBattle-axe of Strength +2
    0060Battle-axe +3
    0061Battle-axe of Death -2
    0062Quarter Staff
    0063Quarter Staff +1
    0064Staff of Merlin +3
    0065Quarter Staff +2
    0066Quarter Staff
    0067Quarter Staff +3
    0069Perrin's Eye +3
    006aBow of Thumbs -3
    006bBow of Shalomar +2
    006cBow +1
    006eDart of Hornet's Nest
    006fDart of Frost
    0070Dart of Mental Terror
    0071Dart of Poison
    0072Battlestaff +4
    0073Staff of Protection +2
    0074Staff of Spells +2
    0075Staff of FireBalls +1
    0076Staff of Stones +2
    0077Staff of Missiles +1
    0079Spear +1
    007aSpear of Piercing +2
    007bSpear of Might +3
    007cSpear of Wondrous Might +5
    007eClub +2
    007fClub of Pummeling +4
    0080Arrow of Saphron +3
    0081Arrow of Seeking
    0082Arrow of Lightning
    0083Arrow of Death
    0084Flaming Arrow
    0085Arrow Storm
    0086Exploding Arrow of Antioch
    0088Stone Hammer
    0089Stone Axe
    008aWar Hammer
    008bWar Hammer +1
    008cPike Axe
    008dPike Axe +1
    008fHalberd +1
    0090Throwing Daggers
    0091Throwing Daggers +1
    0092Poison Throwing Daggers
    0093Throwing Hammer
    0094Throwing Hammer +1
    0095Throwing Hammer +2
    0096Throwing Hammer +3
    0097Battle Hammer
    0098Battle Hammer +1
    0099Battle Hammer +2
    009aBattle Hammer +4
    009bBag of Rocks
    009cBag of Boulders
    009dCross Bow
    009eCross Bow + 2
    009fCross Bow of Thumbs
    00a0Death Dealer
    00a1Double Dragon +2
    00a2Dagger +1
    00a3Stormbringer +5
    00a4Holy Venom +6
    00a5War Hammer +5
    00a6Bow of Champions +4
    00a7Sword of the Paladins +4
    00a8Hammer of Thor +7
    00aaSling of Bullets +3
    00abThrowing Knife +5
    00acDeaths Head Axe +4
    00adBlade of the Underworld
    00aeBlade of Blackpool +5
    00afDumbfounder +3
    00b0Cobra Strike +4
    00b1Excalibur +7
    00b2Bull Whip +1
    00b3Bull Whip +4
    00b4Snake Bite +3

    6.3 List of Helms, gloves and boots

    0191Helm of Pain -1
    0192Helm of Might +2
    0193Helm of True Sight +3
    0194Helm of Defense +5
    0195Helm +4
    0196Helm +3
    0197Helm of Kranack +4
    0198Helm of The Vikings +5
    0199Helm of Speed +4
    019aHelm of Heroism +6
    019bWinged Helm of Zephron +10
    019cDunce Cap -6
    019dCap of Spells +2
    019eCap of The Magi +5
    019fCap of Protection +6
    01a0Cap of Regeneration +3
    01a1Cap of Defense +6
    01a3Shield +3
    01a4Shield of Vulnerability -1
    01a5Iron Scales +4
    01a6Shield +5
    01a7Shield +6
    01a8Shield of Hawk Sight +6
    01a9Dragon Breath +5
    01aaShield of Shields +12
    01abShield of Healing +10
    01acShield of the Blue Oxen +4
    01adShield of Magicks +3
    01aeShield of Happenstance +6
    01afShield of Entanglement -2
    01b0Shield of Protection +1
    01b1Gloves of Wizardry +2
    01b2Gloves of The Seasons +3
    01b3Gloves of The Huntsman +4
    01b4Plate Gauntlets
    01b5Gauntlets of Damage +1
    01b6Fists of Steel +1
    01b7Gloves of Trickery -15
    01b8Gloves of Trickery +2
    01b9Gloves of Regeneration +1
    01baGauntlets of Regula +4
    01bbGauntlets of Pain -2
    01bcGorgon Kin -3
    01bdGauntlets of Combat +2
    01beTiger Paws +4
    01bfDragons Claws +8
    01c0Gauntlets of Deception -2
    01c1Iron Cap
    01c2Leather Cap
    01c3Silk Gloves
    01c4Leather Gloves
    01c5Chain Gloves
    01c6Leather Boots
    01c7Steel Shod Boots
    01c8Boots of Quick Step
    01c9Boots of Quiet
    01caBoots of Balance
    01cbCombat Boots +2
    01ccDeaths Head Shield +2
    01cdFistful of Missiles +7
    01ceMaliki's Revenge +8
    01cfEmeral Alloy Shield +12
    01d0Band of the Unicorn +15
    01d1Sir Robbins Shield -6
    01d2Saurons Bane +9
    01d3Hellsbane +11
    01d4Ruby Shield +10
    01d5Hells Caretaker +15

    6.4 List of Armor

    00c9Robe of The Magi +2
    00caRobe of Enchanters +1
    00cbRobe of Many Favors +1
    00ccRobe of Protection +1
    00cdRobe of Spell Storing +1
    00ceRobe of Speed
    00cfRobe of Strength
    00d0Robe of Vulnerability -2
    00d1Leather Armor
    00d2Leather Armor +3
    00d3Leather Armor +6
    00d4Leather Armor +9
    00d5Leather of Strength +9
    00d6Leather of Darkness -2
    00d7Chain Armor
    00d8Chain Armor +3
    00d9Mithrahl Chain Armor +6
    00daVolted Chain +9
    00dbBanded Armor
    00dcBanded Armor +3
    00ddBanded Armor +6
    00deBanded of Imprisonment -3
    00dfPlate Armor
    00e0Plate Armor +3
    00e1Mithrahl Plate +6
    00e2Plate Armor +13
    00e3Plate of Imprisonment -3
    00e4Plate Armor +9
    00e5Plate Armor of Magicks +13
    00e6Plate Armor of Scorland +12
    00e7The Chastised Warrior -5
    00e8Gauntlets +8
    00e9Gauntlets +12
    00eaGauntlets +16
    00ebGauntlets +24
    00ecGauntlets +30
    00edGauntlets of The Void
    00eeCloak of Fog +3
    00efCloak of The Magi +6
    00f0Cloak of Small Folk +12
    00f1Cloak of The Outcasts +12
    00f2Cloak of Protection +6
    00f3Shadow Cloak +9
    00f4Cloak of Light +10
    00f5Cloak of Regeneration
    00f6Cloak of Power +5
    00f7The Whistling Winds +10
    00f8Concealer of Lies +8
    00f9Cover of Darkness -3
    00faPadded Cloak
    00fbPadded Armor
    00fcPadded Armor +9
    00fdCape of Everlasting Life
    00feEmerald Alloy Plate +10

    6.5 List of Magic Items

    025aHeal Poison
    025bHeat Resistance
    025cCold Resistance
    025dChemical Resistance
    025eMuscle Potion
    0261Vaporous Form
    0263Heal Small Wounds
    0264Heal Medium Wounds
    0265Heal Large Wounds
    0266Heal Massive Wounds
    0267Aqua Luck Stone +2
    0268Copper Luck Stone +2
    0269Yellow Luck Stone +2
    026aGreen Luck Stone +2
    026bPurple Luck Stone +2
    026cBlue Luck Stone +2
    026dRed Luck Stone +2
    026eSpeckled Luck Stone +2
    026fRing of Defense +3
    0270Ring of Defense +5
    0271Ring of Defense +7
    0272Ring of Heat
    0273Ring of Cold
    0274Ring of the Warriors +3
    0275Ring of Creature Summons
    0276Ring of Fog +4
    0277Ring of Magic Resistance +10%
    0278Ring of Healing
    0279Ring of Fech
    027aRing of Xuthcalie
    027bRing of Entanglement
    027cNecklace of Fire Balls
    027dNecklace of Lightning Bolts
    027eNecklace of Revival
    027fNecklace of Many Wonders
    0280Necklace of the Nether World
    0281Necklace of Keys
    0282Necklace of Acrobatics
    0283Arcane Garland +4
    0284Necklace of Protection +5
    0285Necklace of Spells +2
    0286Necklace of The Abyss
    0287Bitter Sweet +1 (-2)
    0288Necklace of Invisibile Skin
    0289Necklace of Shen +3
    028aNecklace of Shackles -5
    028bNecklace of Shielding
    028cJailers Key
    028dBrass Keys
    028eIron Key
    028fTome of Shalizar
    0290The Book of Judgement
    0291Book of Turanians
    0292Writ of the Ancients
    0293Prism of Power
    0294Dancer of the Dead
    0296Crown of Safe Return
    0297Heavy Brass Key
    0298Skeleton Key
    0299Selinadas Gift
    029aTools +5
    029bTools +10
    029cTools +15
    029dTools +20
    029eCursed Book
    029fRing of Revival
    02a0Belt of Brawn
    02a1Belt of Deflection
    02a2Quiver of Tchart
    02a3Quiver of Protection +2
    02a4Quiver of Speed
    02a5Quiver of Magic Resistance
    02a6Quiver of Confusion
    02a7Quiver of Strength
    02a8Quiver of Luck
    02a9Improved Brawn
    02aaImproved Knowledge
    02abImproved Judgement
    02acImproved Agility
    02adImproved Vitality
    02aeImproved Agility
    02afImproved Brawn
    02b0Healing Cream
    02b1Troll Statue
    02b2Snake Statue
    02b3Dragon Statue
    02b4Combat Mask +4
    02b5Pearled Luck Stone +9
    02b6Horn of Summoning
    02baUnholy Visor
    02bbJesters Prey
    02bcShadow Mask
    02bdBlind Mans Folly
    02bfRod of Transmutation
    02c0Rod of Shattering
    02c1Staff of the Ages
    02c2Staff of Mind Control
    02c3Scepter of Clairvoyance
    02c4Scepter of Soul Stealing
    02c5Staff of Anti Magic
    02c6Trinity Boomerang +4
    02c7Leaf of Apollo
    02c8Serpents Head
    02c9Emerald Heirloom
    02caEye of the Serpent
    02cbLib Balm Salve
    02ccOil of Resistance
    02cdJuice of Safu
    02ceOil of Sovrameni
    02cfCorelian Ointment
    02f9Open Lock
    02fbFlame Spikes
    0300Cosmic Blast
    0301Charm Foe
    0304Major Charm Foe
    0305Plane of Fire
    0306Thought Lace
    0307Fire Flies
    0308Fearful Thoughts
    0309Heal Small Wounds
    030aHeal Medium Wounds
    030bHeal Large Wounds
    030cHeal Wounds
    030dSoul Bind
    030eMajor Soul Bind
    0310Puppet Master
    0311Revive Dead
    0314Multi Mutiny
    0315Creature Summon 1
    0316Creature Summon 2
    0317Creature Summon 3
    0318Creature Summon 4
    0319Creature Summon 5
    031aCreature Summon 6
    031bLightning Strike
    031cOgre Hide
    031dAcid Bath
    031eBall Lightning
    031fFog of Doom

    7 Index of keywords